FamilyOften times, when someone has reached a milestone birthday like their 70th or 80th celebration or a milestone anniversary event, people are often asked to bring “best wishes only” as their gift for the guest or guests of honour.  Those people who are being celebrated are sometimes asked what they would like most for their “big day” and one of the common answers is that they would like to be surrounded by as many family and friends as can gather.

As we at St. Stephen’s and Redeemer gather to praise God and offer our thanks for the many blessings we have been given, we often find ourselves bringing our “best wishes” as we gather as a family to celebrate together.  It is in this family time that we can be open in our faith together, be willing to open our lives to each other and be ready to pray.

Families come in all different shapes and sizes and as a community that has been built around many family shapes for generations here in Essex County, we know and understand that members of family come and go and are always changing.  Come, join, pray with our family, and see where you will fit today.