FellowshipWhen a church community can play together, you know that they are praying together well.  Fellowship, that ability to play well together, is such an important part of who we are and what we do as human beings.

We learn at a very young age that being in the sandbox means getting to know other people and learning what makes each other think and act the way we do.  One of the great gifts of the sandbox is that, through play, we learn so very much about how people think and their ideas about what’s important in their life.  It might be as simple as trying a different flavour of juice at 3 or 4 years old, but eventually we take those same skills we learned in the sand and they permeate our lives in other places.  New ideas and new understandings can happen around table fellowship – and that is how we live in community with one another.

Here at St. Stephen’s and Redeemer, we do enjoy our times of fellowship together – those times when we get the chance to “play”.  Whether it is at one of our numerous fundraising dinners or one of our backyard barbeques, a “surprise” birthday party for one of our friends or even as we gather to go carolling to our friends in their homes, we love to join together and celebrate those times in our lives when being with friends just makes life better.

We all can been inspired by new “sandbox” ideas, even when we don’t realize that those ideas are taking root – when we simply sit and join in fellowship with one another.  So join us for one of our dinners, meet us at the pub as we discuss the scriptures together, gather with us as we join in fellowship around God’s table Sunday morning and come with us as we pray and play together.