FriendsWhat a blessing it is to be able to celebrate events in our lives with friends.  We celebrate so many things together: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baptisms, any event which justifies getting together with those people you want to be with.  It is those times when we get together as friends that we rarely take a moment to understand what it is that brings us together.  Is it a common passion which unites us?  Is it a common belief that connects us?  Perhaps it might be the simple fact that we truly enjoy being with one another and simply look forward to being together.

As we gather as friends each week here at St. Stephen’s and Redeemer, we know that we are united in our common life of praise and worship which draws us closer to God and to one another.  We are united in our passion to bring the Good News of God to the world around us and to reach out into our community to be the hands and feet of Christ in our world.

Our group of friends who gather here come from so many different places in life and yet our friendships are united in our passion for getting to know Jesus a little better all the time.  Maybe you are looking for a relationship where you can get to know Christ too –  a place where friends can gather and talk about what being unites in Christ might mean.

When Christ sat down to eat, He often took the time to eat with friends; some that knew Him very well already and some who were just getting to know Him.  Whether you are one of the ones who already know Christ or are looking to turn to Him in your life and get to know God better; join our group of friends as we carry on seeing how Christ continues to knit us in our friendships.